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Grading Standards:

At Kraken's Lair Comics & Collectibles, we understand how important condition is when evaluating a comic book.  We grade according to Overstreet’s Second Edition Grading Guide.  At the present time, we use the following grade increments for the books we sell: NM, VF-NM, VF, FN, VG, GD, FR, PR.  When a comic's actual condition falls between one of the listed grades, we will bump our listed grade down to the next lower grade.  Any known restoration including pressing will be disclosed in a book’s description.  In short, we grade the comics we are selling how we would like comics to be graded if we were buying them.

Also, we would be happy to provide front and back scans for any books priced at $50 or more.  For lower-priced books, we will provide one free scan before you order.  Just email us with the title and issue number you would like to see.


In order to ensure that your order arrives in the same condition as it was when we sent it, we ship all orders in cardboard boxes with ample padding.  We ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail to addresses within the USA and its territories.  For Canadian and other international destinations, we will choose a USPS shipping mode based on the size of your order and your shipping address.  Exact shipping costs are calculated on Atomic Avenue for your convenience.  Shipping is free for domestic orders of $50.00 or more and international orders of $125.00 or more, so buy more comics and save money at the same time.  Please email us at if you have any questions about shipping.


Kraken's Lair Comics & Collectibles guarantees that you will be satisfied with your order.  If you are ever dissatisfied with any item you order, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price, plus shipping.  We ask only that you contact us at about any problems within 14 calendar days of receiving your order.  If we cannot come to a satisfactory resolution, we will send you instructions for returning the item in question.  After we receive the returned item, we will issue a refund in the amount of the purchase price, plus shipping.  Please note that shipping cost refunds for multiple book orders will be prorated by dividing by the number of books shipped in the original order.  For example, if you place an order consisting of six comics and pay $6.00 for shipping and handling and then return one of the comics, you will receive a shipping refund of $1.00.  Refunds will be issued through PayPal.

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